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Working theory
Cutting system of AAC Block Machine is made up of lateral Cutting Machine,Vertical Cutting Machine,Cutting Cart,Cart Rails and Electric Control Cabinet.Lateral Cutting Machine is made up of top frame,cutting wires device,wire socket,spring frame,portal frame,down frame,lateral wire device and top waste cleaning device.Vertical Cutting Machine is made up of drive device,portal frame,cross beam,vertical guide device,swing device and hydraulic system.Cutting Cart is made up of cart,cart rails,cart traction.
Crane turning machine overturn large and green block 90°and put it on cutting cart for demoulding.Cutting cart carry green block moving forward. During moving,two side is cut to be 600mm length and thickness is cut to be required size.Then cut cart comes to vertical Cutting Machine,The going up and down frame comes down vertically.Wires on frame saws green and large blocks driven by eccentric wheels.After finish,Crane Carrying machine carry finished blocks in front of autoclave for curing.

Main Specifications
NO. Name Unit Quota Notes
1 Production X10000 M3/ Year 5-20 Annual Production
2 Green Block Size M 6x1.2x0.6  
3 Cut Quantity mm 5/10 Lateral Cut、Vertical Cut
4 Cut Accuracy mm ±3±1.5±1.5 Length,Width,Height
5 Production Cycle Min./Mould 6  
6 Weight t 18 Lateral Cut and Vertical Cut
7 Power kw 12.9 Include Hydraulic System