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Picture Introduction
1.Casting building is also named Batching and Casting Building and it is batching part of AAC Block Making Machine.Casting building can be reinforced concrete structure or weld steel structure.But its load bearing should be at least 200 tones.
2.There are three raw materials silos at top of casting building.It is cement,lime powder and gypsum powder.The raw materials is transported to powder weighing tank for measuring.The amount of raw materials can be measured by semi-automatic or automatic control system in cumulative metering.
3.The second floor is powder weighing tank and slurry weighing tank.Coal fly ash or sand is mixed to be slurry powder.This slurry is pumped to slurry weighing tank.The measuring can be controlled in semi-automatic or automatic.
4.The first floor is casting mixer and aluminum mixer.The three kind of raw materials (cement,lime powder,gypsum) and slurry is sent to casting mixer for mixing after being measured.Aluminum powder can be added by worker after measuring.
Including:(1)Casting Building (3Floors),(2)One Cement Silo,(3),One Lime powder Silo,(4) One Gypsum Silo,(5)One Powder Weighing Tank,(6) One Slurry Weighing Tank,(7) Three Screw Conveyors,(8)One Casting Mixer,(9)One Aluminum Mixer.