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Picture Introduction
1.Bucket Elevator is used for transporting lime powder milled by ball mill into lime silo in AAC Block Making Machine.
2.It is simple structure and steady working.It is use model O hopper to collect raw materials and use mixed or gravity to discharge raw materials.It use chain wheels and it is easy to change.The chain is specially treated and has long working life.The bottom use automatic takeup to keep unvarying tension.This can avoid track and chain slip.When hopper meets some resistance,it can have some adjustment to protect moving parts.
3.We use HL200 Bucket Elevator in our AAC Block Making Machine and its specification is as following:
Production(m3/h) 15 Hopper Width(mm) 200 Hopper Volume 30升 Hopper Distance(mm) 500
Power(kw) 5.5 Gear Diameter
630 Maxi.Materials Size (mm) 40 Chain Model φ18×50