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Picture Introduction
1.Raymond mill is used for milling small lime stones to be is made up of main machine,analyzer,fan,finished powder cyclone separator,bigger powder cyclone separator and wind pipe.Main machine is made up of frame,wind in volute,relieving tool,grinding roller,grinding ring and cover.
2.When raymond mill is working,small stones is feeded into machine from hopper at side.Grinding roller is hung at star rack of main machine and grinding roller revolve around vertical shaft.The start rack rotate around itself.Because of centrifugal force of revolution,Grinding roller push to outside.Relieving tool takes up stones to be between grinding roller and ring.Stones is crushed by force from grinding roller.
Wind transportation process:after being crushed,fan blow wind into machine and blow up powders to analyzer for selecting.Bigger powders come back to milling machine for more grinding.Ready powders came into cyclone separator and it come out from discharge gate.This is finished products.Wind come back to fan by wind back pipe on top of cyclone separator.Wind circuit is circular and wind move under pressure.Extra wind exhaust through waste pipe between fan and main machine.This wind come into small cyclone separator for cleaning process.
3.The model of our AAC Block Making Machine is 4R3216,its specifications is as following:
Model 4R3216 Grinding Roller Number 4 Grinding Roller SizeRxh)Mm 320x160
Grinding Diameter And HeightMm 970x160 Maxi.Size Of StoneMm 25
Powder SizeMm 0.044-0.125 Production (t/h) 1.8-4.5
PowerKw 37 Fan Motor PowerKw 30
Analyzer motorKw 5.5