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Concrete Block Machine
QT10-15Automatic Block Machine
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1.The machine adopts four galvanized pipe with sleeve bearing to ensure the exact movement of mould.Gear and shaft balance system can make male and female mould move stably.Concrete feeding is revolving,convective and compulsive to ensure block density and reduce feeding cycle. Feeder moving is two curved arms driven by two cylinders,which makes feeder move quickly,durably,and steady.
2.The Mould is made with heat treatments of quenching,tempering,carbonization and boriding.Working life of mould is improved.
3.The hydraulic system adopts Proportion Direction Valve.The valve can adjust flow rate and buffer cylinder during the process of production.Therefore,it can protect cylinder and extend life,and improve the speed and flexibility of each part.
4.The vibration system adopts German Frequency Conversion Technique.The vibration motor is Frequency Conversion Controlled.The lubrication of Vibrator adopts oil immersed,which improve the using life of Bearing and Gear of vibrator.
5. Adopting International Advanced Microcomputer Control Technology to make Machine and electrical equipment to be one part.The plant can work automatically and cyclically.Our technicians put fault diagnosis,problem alarming into computer by safety logic control.The screen will timely and accurately show fault and methods to client if the machine is in error.


Dimension 5400x2050x3050mm
Weight 17000KGS
Pallet Size 1150 x950mm
Power 44.2KW
Mode of Vibration Table Vibration
Vibration Frequency 4200r/min
Vibration Force 90KN
Cycle Time 12-16S


Block Type Picture Size(L x W x H) PCS./Pallet PCS./Hour PCS./8 Hours
Hollow Block
400x200x200mm 10 1562 12500
Hollow Block
400x150x200mm 12 1875 15000
Hourdi Block
530x160x195mm 8 1250 10000
Stock Brick
220x105x70mm 40    7500 6000
Paving Block
200x100x60mm 35 5468 43750
Paving Block
225x112.5x60mm 24 3450 27600
We produce mould according to size and shape of client’s block.


No. Name Quantity Note
1 JS750Mixer 1Set  
2 Belt Conveyor 1Set  
3 Concrete Feeder 1Set Include Pallet Conveyor
4 Main Machine 1Set Include One Mould
5 Wet Block Conveyor 1Set  
6 Automatic Stacker 1Set  
7 Hydraulic Unit 1Set  
8 Electric Control Cabinet 1Set  
9 Color Feeder 1Set Optional Part
10 Pallet 1500Pcs Optional Part


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