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Concrete Block Machine
QTJ4-30Block Making Machine
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1.This machine can produce hollow block,stock brick,paving block by changing mould.It is easy to change mould.
2.This machine is good design and advanced technology.The up mould adopts vibration motor.The down mould use two shaft vibration.It use four guide poles.Density of block is well proportioned.
3.This machine can use pneumatic power for up mould and it can save labour strength.
4.This machine use travel switch as electronic parts.It is simple and economic to run and maintain


Dimension 3600×1700×2560mm
Weight 3000KG
Pallet Size 880x480mm
Power 11.9KW
Board Vibration Motor 2.2KW x2
Up Vibration Motor 3.0KW
Elevator Motor 3.0KW
Wet Block Conveyor Motor 0.75KW
Belt Conveyor Motor 0.75KW
Vibration Frequency 4200r/min
Vibration Force 40KN


Block Type Picture Size(L x W x H) PCS./Pallet PCS./Hour PCS./8 Hours
Hollow Block 400x200x200mm 4 250 2000
Hollow Block 400x150x200mm 5 312 2500
Solid Brick 220x105x70mm 20 1250 10000
Paving Block 200x100x60mm 14 875 7000
Paving Block 225x112.5x60mm 9 562 4500
We produce mould according to size and shape of client’s block.


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