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Huatong Brick Making Machine Mould Producing Process

Source:Shandong Gaotang Huatong Hydraulic Pressure Machinery Co.,Ltd Release time:2021/04/20 Browseclicks


Huatong Block Making Machine is popular at home and abroad, the high quality of mould is a big factor-- which requires the production of mould must be fine and precise.In addition, the mould must be elegant appearance and clear angular edges with no internal defects.Today to introduce Block Making Machine Mould Producing Process to you:

1. On receipt of customer orders, our technicians will draw precise mould drawing based on the size and data provided by customer, or the Physical blocks.Production orders will be issued according to the mould size that is confirmed by customer(customer can provide drawings directly will be the best).

2. Order material for mould,which is high quality special mould steel;

3. Wire cutting technology will cut the mould out based on the drawing.

4. The mould has heat treatment process like carburizing, quenching  Boriding etc.;

5. The mould will be polished to ensure the surface is bright and flat.