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Huatong Oath-taking Rally

Source:Shandong Gaotang Huatong Hydraulic Pressure Machinery Co.,Ltd Release time:2021/04/20 Browseclicks

Warmly celebrate Huatong Company Technology Reformation●Product Quality●Oath-taking Rally to convoke smoothly.

 Along with impassioned, resounding music, Huatong Company "Technology Reformation●Product Quality●Oath-taking Rally" began prelude in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Huatong Firm has ushered in the ten years’ development process. During ten years’ development process, the company has always been adhering to "quality-oriented, customer first, sincere service, reputation first" purpose, according to "build strength, technology leadership, management class, internationally competitive large enterprise groups" as a strategic goal, according to customers’ sincere satisfaction as Huatong’s eternal pursuit. We didn’t slack, consistently commitment to technological reformation, product quality, service management and other key areas’ .innovation and try.

Product quality is the life of an enterprise.The development of an enterprise, excellent product quality is the key of it can survive in the fierce market competition. In the strategic perspective of enterprise development, the good product quality is the premise and prerequisite of corporation brand-making.Based on quality as assurance is the fundamental way to make a brand name.

Firstly,  in the aspect of  Technological Innovation
Since the year 2010, Huatong Company had established the "Liaocheng City Engineering Technology Research Center", "Liaocheng City New Multifunctional Brick Machine without Burning Important Laboratory ". We always pursue the normalization of technological innovation, technological reformation frequently, product structure adjustment market principles, with Xi'an University, Shandong University and other universities to implement research cooperation, to organize and establish the task research project team, focused on tackling enterprise technical problems, and explore scientific and technological innovation. There are quite remarkable achievements in recent years, has made three invention patents, nine utility model patents. Huatong stick to the road of "enterprise development through technology", has come true  according to the technological innovation to promote enterprise development authentically.

Secondly, in the aspect of  Product Quality
 Huatong sums up innovative testing methods constantly, enact "product quality management system," strictly abide by self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection procedures. Do that everyone checks, checks at each level, always strict, effective implementation of the measures; committed to product level upgrade. My company's products won the National Building Materials Industry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee "standard product" in 2014.

After the baptism of the General Assembly, Huatong employees have said in their jobs in strict compliance with the "Product Quality Management System" ,always strictly committed to product quality to a new level. The General Assembly in plenary powerful statement employees come to an end.