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Huatong Zhang Ming Gang is awarded Golden Worker

Source:Shandong Gaotang Huatong Hydraulic Pressure Machinery Co.,Ltd Release time:2021/04/20 Browseclicks


At 13th November 2017,Gaotang City have a meeting for third Golden worker and Excellent Staff Ceremony.This committee decide 99 workers as Third Gaotang Golden Worker.Zhang Ming Gang from Shandong Huatong Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd is awarded this title.
Zhang Ming Gang say that I have worked in Huatong for 15 year.Huatong Family teach me a lot of skills at machining work.I will work harder and harder in Huatong company family.I will do excellent work for my job.I hope i can make contribution for development of Huatong company.I will improve my skills and learn more about my work.Then i can live up to Golden worker.
Huatong will develop as century-old brand.We have its system to teach workers and improve worker skills.We must take machine quality as life.Development and profit depends on quality.Not only management staff but also all workers take quality as our first important matter.Only workers keep quality in their mind.The machine quality can be guaranteed.