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Better blocks, better life

Source:Shandong Gaotang Huatong Hydraulic Pressure Machinery Co.,Ltd Release time:2021/04/20 Browseclicks

With society development,people of different countries needs better quality blocks.Good quality house is built with good quality blocks.Then people can have better life.Blocks is produced by machine.But in market,there are different block making machine.Some machine can produce good quality blocks.But some machine produce bad quality blocks.Bad quality blocks is weak and easy to break.Block machine from Shandong Huatong Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd produce good quality blocks.The way of moulding is by hydraulic pressure and vibration.Vibration force is from eccentric shaft powered by two motors through V-belt.Vibration working together with hydraulic pressure is most advanced way of moulding is the world.The blocks can have good quality,strength and standard size.