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Daring to Reform, Create a New Situation of Foreign Trade Export

Source:Shandong Gaotang Huatong Hydraulic Pressure Machinery Co.,Ltd Release time:2021/04/20 Browseclicks

July 24, 2015, should call the company, foreign trade staff of Huatong in Liaocheng and Jinan Office of foreign workers came back to headquarters, participated in the Mid-year Foreign Trade Plenary Meeting chaired by the Board Chairman.

Foreign teams according to excellent grade have been highly appreciated and grand recognition by Board Chairman. Our Foreign Trade Team is no doubt the best, called for them to be able to fight, fight we must win, never give up. For three years, Huatong is not only Huatong of China, Huatong is even Hatong of the world, and we followed the pace of Times Development to the world: has gradually established through a branch in Ghana, Algeria and other places, the development and effectiveness adds a strong color for Huatong military exploits history.

Abroad development of the Company like the sun at high noon, momentum is good. The Board Chairman decided to continue to increase our overseas development efforts, it is bound to create a professional excellentize sales team of foreign trade. In the coming years, it will add to establish several additional branches adapt the requirement of company development. Huatong international road has gone wider and wider.