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Huatong Block Machine holds thousands of successful projects currently,the customers across all over China and 60 countries,and choosing
 Huatong Block Machine can be rest assured.We have professional aftersales service team,we provide complete business plan for our users
 from Factory Planning to Production Management System, from the Process of Production to the Each Job Responsibilities Manual and Various 
Training Programs.We will take every little detail into account for our customers.To let our users feel the Alldepth industry knowledge and expertise
 of Huatong.Shandong Huatong provides customers Equipment Installation,Commissioning, Technical guidance,Technician Training and other 
related services.Shandong Huatong provides the "Three Guarantees" service for the products.And lifelong Maintenance will be provided for our 
own products; More than the warranty period, providing paid services and charging appropriate maintenance costs.
Golden Service
O Network Interactive Services -- Fast, Efficient service make us closer.
O Recurrently Revisit Customers -- promise each product work in the best condition.
O Service Commitment -- timely make the products recover to optimal working condition.
O Management of Equipments File  --we take each detail and overall into consideration for you.
Pre-sales Services
O Providing Orientation and Guidance for your investment,accepting users consultation,introducing our company condition and product category;Guiding users to select the product category according to local market demand.
O Guiding users to select the product   according to the needs of production and the scale of investment,and confirming the scale of operation from users.
O Visiting Production Site accompanied by our company on site,describing the production process, answering difficult questions; The Project of Building Factory is designed for users;
O Providing drawings of building factory and participating in the construction process of supervision.Creating a viable investment project when the project of users is determined.Soon we will be able to provide all the drawings of building factory for you according to the actual situation..
O Personalized Services include: One-step planning, Developing space reserved, Processing smoothly, trying to save investment.
Sales Service
O Strict and Careful sales service make your choice even more easy and reliable.  
O The contract of unknown questions or issues need to be negotiated between two parties should be confirmed or corrected while auditing contract.Based on requirements to release production order and arrange production.Real time tracking equipment production schedule to ensure delivery on time.
O Providing drawings of Factory Layout and Equipment Foundation in advance.We will arrange technician on-site guidance if necessary.We will provide the technical advice of other construction processes and guide the infrastructure, water and electricity.To make our users get into this industry as soon as possible and achieve profitability,the project of building factory will be provided,like Building Management Framework,Training Personnel of Production Management,Supervising Installation On Site, Training Operators, Setting Process, Responsibility Subcontractors From Quality Control, Cost Control, Staff Appraisal to Work Section Subcontracting, Safe Production, Equipment Maintenance, Purchase Marketing etc..

After Sales Service
O Establishing users files to record the Products Model, Configuration and Special Requirements in order to make us more accurately and timely service users.
O Telephone Support refers to difficult problems or something wrong happens to the equipment while it’s working,to get technical support and assistance from us over the phone.
O We will arrange technicians to help you locate the fault,propose solutions,and ultimately guide you to solve the problem within the stipulated time by phone after Huatong attendants confirmed the customer's service request. 
O On-site Support refers to difficult problems or something wrong happens to the equipment while it’s working;And Fault Diagnosis and Resolutions can not be performed by phone.We will immediately send technicians to the working site for solving problems after the customer service request is confirmed by our After Sales Service.