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1.What is the Raw Material of Block Making Machine of our company?
Our Equipment is Concrete Block Making Machine.The Raw Materials of Concrete are Water, Cement, Sand, Stone Powder, Fly Ash, Slag etc..

2.Which one of Block Making Machines is more suitable for me?
The Models of our Block Making Machine are QT10-15,QT8-15,QT7-15,QT5-15,QT4-15,each model has different Configuration.Our company also owns QTM4-40  Concrete Block Making Machine and QTM5-40 Mobile Concrete Block Making Machine.Which one of machines is right for me?The following questions should be carefully considered by yourself.Firstly,what Block Size do you want make?How many Blocks do you want make per day?What is your budget for this block machine project?How much land do you have?We can choose the suitable model and configuration for you if above information can be provided.

3.How could we buy machine from China Huatong Block Machine?
Our company will sign Sales Contract or Proforma Invoice with you by Email,Fax or Mail after confirming the Equipment that you want to buy;Our company will arrange Equipment and Mould Production after receiving your 30% deposit.The balance should be paid when the production is finished.Then we will arrange delivery to your closest Sea Port where you can take over the Equipment.

4.How could we take over the Equipment?
At present our customers come across more than sixty Countries around the world.They are using our machine,but most of our machine spread in Africa,Middle East,Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.We will book the Container from the Ship Company when the production is finished.Then the truck will take the Container to our factory for loading,be back to port after finish loading.The Ship Company will transport the Container to designated port where the customers can take over the machine.We also can be responsible for transporting the Equipment to Inland City,but according to our previous experiences,it will be saving transport costs if customers can cover the Inland Transport by yourself.

5.Can we produce various sizes and shapes of Blocks?
   Our machine can produce various sizes and shapes of Blocks by changing different Mould.Some of Moulds are available in our company.The Moulds also can be customized by customer’s block sizes and shapes.Or we can design the relative Mould based on your block size,picture or drawing.Normally one Mould can produce one kind of Blocks.
6.What should we do if machine do not work any more?
We will send technicians for guiding Installation, Commissioning,Trial Production while training the technicians of customer after the equipments arrived at the site;Normally our equipments do not have big problem.The Technicians of customer can take care of it with our help if any problem occur.We usually recommend customers to purchase part of Spare Parts as backup.Our company has more than Thirty years experiences for producing Block Making Machine with stable and reliable Equipment Quality.
7.What is power of Block Making Machine?
All our Block Making Machine are drove by Electric Power, presently there is no diesel-powered equipment.We do recommend that customers purchase generators as backup power if the place of customer is Electric Power Shortage.
8.What is the cost of purchasing equipment by customer?
Customers need to pay local port costs and import duties except for paying for our equipment and sea freight.The duty will not exceed 18%  in most of countries for this equipment as far as we know.
9.What is the strength of Blocks made by our company.
Our Block Making Machines adopt international most advanced Moulding Way that is Hydraulic Pressure with Vibration.The Block Quality is higher than blocks made by simple vibration and gravity molded.Take Chinese Standard Solid Bricks 240x115x53mm for example, the brick strength can be reached 15Mpa, for Hollow Block 390x190x190mm can reach 7.5Mpa and pavers 200x100x60mm can reach 50Mpa .The Quality Requirements of all the countries can be reached.